The sweet aroma of lavender hovers over the damp air as the delicate woman with small stature sullenly ambles along the bumpy, gigantic rocks; her silky coal black hair streams and flutters in the crisp gust of wind. Hastening towards the thick clumps of trees ahead and intuitively looking up to the blue crystal sky, she notices the sun has been silently following her, accompanying her to the end of the horizon. All of a sudden, she feels a tightening in her chest as she swallows excess saliva which runs down her throat and feels like fire. Large tears from somewhere brim in her eyes and flow down on her cheeks uncontrollably. Heaving a long, exhausting sigh, she shuts her eyes in pain and whispers “Confront the truth, Caroline. Your husband has gone, long gone now.”

Glancing over the lavish scented shrubberies, his blurry shadow is appearing in front of her eyes, so authentic, so familiar. There he is archly plucking a handful of young green frond leaves, his slender hands deftly creating tiny delicate leaf cranes and affectionately putting them into her hands. There he is leaning against the rocky wall meditatively, sometimes spontaneously crooning a sad dulcet melody, his voice levitating with gentle breezes and gradually melting into the distance. Everything is so sweet, so authentic and also too painful that she sobs in grief again, hastily turns around in order to escape the heartwrenching truth. She looks up towards the frayed wooden bucket dangling in the air which has unconditionally entrusted its entire life to the strong thick rope just like the way she used to devote everything, her past, present and future to Tam. As she looks fixedly at the rope and the bucket, her body remains still, eyes never blink, the legend of the well her husband had always loved to whisper into her ears rushes back carrying along all regrets, nostalgia and the impeccable faithfulness of a husband and a wife under the perpetual spell of an envious evil queen. Instinctively she chuckled at the foolishness of the story, nose starts to turn red, eyes start to sting. All of a sudden, a soft voice murmurs in the distance “Don’t cry sweetheart, I hate to see your heart break”, Caroline startles, frantically wipes her tears and sniffles, trying to convince herself that she would be okay.

Traipsing down the blue transparent stream and crouching down on the lush green grass, she slowly dips her fingers and then her feet in the chill water, closes her eyes then murmurs to herself that this would be the last time she would let herself long for him, wish for him and think about him. The first time they travelled to this place is on their 10-year wedding anniversary. She can still vividly recall his mischievous lopsided smile the night before when she continually wheedled him into taking her to a unique place, a place that had to transcend all the others. As he sweetly winked at her “I won’t let you down”, her stomach churned, and she tossed and turned all night, eagerly looking forward to his surprising present. And her husband never failed to keep his word. He did not let her down. After parking their crimson jeep under the shade of a massive oak tree opposite to a deep rocky well, they meandered down a rough, narrow trail and threaded their way through innumerable clumps of trees, his warm strong hand never leaving hers. Eventually, as his nimble legs slowed down their speed, he beamed radiantly and pointed towards the stream “Here we are, Caroline. A unique place, as you wish.”

Tam also said that on their last morning, exactly 8 years after his greatest discovery. The winds still silently glided through their skin, swirled and hurled some pitiable birch leaves in the air. Caroline gently reclined her head on his shoulder, refusing to take her arm off his waist as he insisted “I’m going for one last dip before we leave, yeah?” The sun lit up his exquisite face and illuminated the freckles like the starts of a constellation. Caroline could feel her eyelids heavy on her eyes, his swarthy back diving into the chill stream and water spattering, sparkled like thousands of splendid suns.

As she is crouching motionless on the rim of a rock, Caroline can still hear his soothing, emotional voice humming “come here when you miss me.” And she never leaves....

The scenery is precisely the same, still breathtaking, still picturesque, even without the presence of a faithful couple and an eternal love.
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School Story COMMUNITY COMMENTS Overall it's a compelling story with no major grammatical errors. Paragraph 1 line 3-5: The descriptive sentences written are to long. For example:

" Hastening towards the thick clumps of trees ahead and intuitively looking up to the blue crystal sky, she notices the sun has been silently following her, accompanying her to the end of the horizon."

I would rewrite the sentence and break it into two separate ones. Additional the descriptive words themselves are lengthy.
Paragraph 1 line 8-9: "Confront" should not be capitalized at the start of the quote. Paragraph 2 line 15-16: "Don't" should not be capitalized at the start of the quote. Paragraph 4 line 1: When using small numbers its best to spell them out. Example "eight" instead of "8". Throughout the essay, you capitalize the first word that appears in a quote. The first word of a quote should be lower case.
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