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Interesting point of view with solid writing. You use words like science and studies. Perhaps including reference and or ciations to the science you have read about would strengthen your argument Argumentative Essay. I have also attached the rubric. I haven't finished the full essay yet because of lack of time, but I have to submit it on 4/15/2019, so I just wanted to get it proofread soon. Thank you so much!

Longhand vs. Notetaking on Laptops

Graph 1 Sentence 1: "leads to not memorizing what you wrote". Seems too final. Maybe, " can make it difficult to memorize what you wrote, while..."

Graph 1 Sentence 3: "the" is redundant

Graph 1 Sentence 4: "especially typing on their digital devices" this reads like it's redundant. How else would people take digital notes?
Typing what someone said word-by-word on a computer leads to not memorizing what you wrote, while writing down main points helps you memorize what you wrote right away. Note taking is a critical aspect of the learning process. It enables learners to comprehend the information by allowing them to follow the instructor. It is more common nowadays for learners to take digital notes, especially typing on their digital devices. Digital notetaking hinders the process of learning because it eliminates many mental factors that contribute to the learning process.

Graph 2 Sentence 1: "has become more". Has become is the wrong choice of words to describe the present. I would rewrite to "is more"

Graph 2 Sentence 4: "studies". What studies?
In this day and age, where notetaking has become more digital than it has ever been, students are not learning as much as they would have if they take notes the traditional way. Note taking is an extremely important way of comprehending what students learn in class. In previous times, before digital notetaking was introduced, students were able to learn a lot of content while in the classroom, which made it a lot easier for them to easily understand what they learned when they go outside of class and study. On the other hand, after digital notetaking was introduced, studies have shown that students are not able to comprehend what they have learned . Taking notes on a traditional notebook has shown a huge difference in students’ learning process. Traditional notetaking has many advantages in allowing students to learn more content than digital notetaking because of the reasons that will be mentioned in the next paragraphs.

The first disadvantage of digital note-taking is that it decreases the learner’s memory retention rate, while traditional handwriting enhances learning by allowing learners to conceptualize what they are writing. The part of the brain that helps us comprehend what we learned, the hippocampus, does not function in a high speed, which makes it hard for people to learn new content right away, and be able to memorize . The brain functions faster than other body parts since messages travel through our neurons in microseconds. During the time of learning, if the learner is taking notes digitally, it would be very hard to comprehend what is being written on their screen since their main goal is to write what the instructor said verbatim. The combination of a fast-functioning brain and speedwriting does not give the brain the time it needs to analyze the information that is being taught. Graph 3 Concluding Sentence: "in to" should be "into" The information being taught can seep in to the brain when the brain is allowing other body parts to work with it, which is highly effective during handwritings rather than digital note-taking.

Furthermore, the other disadvantage of digital note-taking is the level of distraction associated with it. In this era, most students use at least one type of social media. The fact that students can have access to check their social media r go on other websites that is not related to the topic being taught in class shows how much of a distraction digital note-taking brings to the learning space. There are many people who are concerned about other aspects of their life than the classroom experience, or what they are being taught in that classroom. This leads students to have an urge to get distracted for a moment and go to sites that are unrelated to the topic being taught. Humans learn what they want to learn, and if there are other things that may distract them from learning something, then their attention will divert to the distractions. Selective attention plays a huge role in this. If we do not want to learn something, then it is highly unlikely that we will learn it. Graph 4 Concluding Sentence: "in to" should be "into" "And with the presence of many distractions..." is a long drawn out sentence. I would rewrite it too. make it more concise And with the presence of many distractions right in front of us, resisting the temptation to be distracted becomes more challenging, which then causes our brain not to select the content being taught in the learning environment, and eventually we get distracted from learning.

In addition to the points mentioned in previous paragraphs that clearly show why handwritten notes are better for the learning process than digital notetaking, another point that should be pointed out is that it is easier to organize handwritten notes than digital notes. Science has proved that diagrams do a better way of teaching new contents and understanding new concepts than regular notes, specifically digital notes. A study that was conducted to compare the difference between people who are visual learners and mental learners has proved that handwritten notes that had more visual pictures such as diagrams and other types of drawings do a better job of staying in people’s minds for a long period of time. With that being said, it takes a long process to make diagrams and charts in ways we understand a content if we try doing it on a digital device such as laptops. Another study that was conducted on students from Princeton University showed that longhand participants who used diagrams performed well on conceptual-application questions. Graph 5 Concluding Sentence: "in to" should be "into" "Clearly" should not be capitalized

Graph 5 Concluding Sentence: " a content" should be written as "content" or "the content".
These two studies Clearly show the power handwritten notes have on the ability to help students have a better understanding of a content.
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