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The corrupt corporations and the pandering politicians Globalization, automation, and low corporate taxation. We as a people and as a nation have been misled. We were promised an easier way of life that as we moved into the 21s century we as a people would be wealthier, healthier, and happier. This wouldn't work, whatever sort of "solution" your describing. Everything you write is based on classist ideology. Really!? Why have incomes have stagnating. In the words of Warren Bufet " there’s been class warfare going on for the last 20 years, and my class has won. "

There is but one problem with this vision. Everything I described did not happen; it's nothing more than a falsehood, a fabrication, a fantasy crafted by our political leaders. What has happened instead you ask?

Let us begin. You spelled his name wrong😂 👆

Globalization has been heralded as the end of the world’s archaic borders where finally goods and services will be crafted and sold ever more cheaply. Automation would allow workers to become more productive allowing everyone to do more with less. These however were ​not the only promise of globalization and automation; nor the most important ones. For decades the American people have been told one thing. Businesses will have access to new markets, reap larger profits, and all will receive an increase in wages. Any jobs lost, we were told, due to globalization and automation ​would be replaced by a surplus of better paying jobs.

Wages have stagnated as the cost our school homes, and health have skyrocketed. In effect the middle class has not received a wage increase in forty year even though productivity has increased by over one hundred percent; it is why we all work harder to get the same results. We work harder, We work smarter, and We are paid even less.

Homes are more expensive, what once could be bought or afforded by a single person is all but impossible. Predatory mortgages were encouraged by both corporations and the government to compensate for the ever increasing prices of homes which took the country to the brink of economic destruction and drove millions into financial devastation.

These policies have taken the nation to the brink of economic destruction and millions of families to the edge of financial devastation.

A statement that has become tragically cliche.

Our healthcare system is broken.

It is the most expensive in the developed world yet gets the worst results. Rates of cancer, obesity, and other illnesses have only increased as our ability to pay for treatments have decreased.

Finally there is college the classic example of a “ticket” to success where it got good grades everything would turn out alright. A college education now costs tens of thousands of dollars more expensive than it has ever been. The education itself has not improved yet somehow the price has increased forcing students to enter the workforce with massive amounts of student debt. a1dsf

This is one of the few times in our history where we, the people, pay more for less.

There has been one constant in this era of increasing inequalities and rising expenses.

The tax rate of American corporations, the wealthiest institutions in the world, have declined. American corporations, with profits at an all time high, have consistently dodged taxes moving their companies off shores to pay tax rates of one, or better, two percent. if you allowed corporations to expand their businesses, we were told, we would all be better off.

This has turned out to be false. As their profits have soared and our productivity increased more and more money have got to executives who millions of shares.

As this nation rots, and their profits soar, in the background the gap not between the rich and poor, but the many and few, has grown. These factors, this new reality, has resulted in chaos across the globe the election of Donald Trump first among them.

Where we as a nation, and as a world, go from here few know. There is one certainty in this uncertain period. This period of economic and social stagnation did not occur due by a act of god or a force of nature but was engineered by a unholy binding of corporate and political power. What has been done can be undone and for that I am eternally optimistic. It is time we the people take back our fair share

From the concrete jungles of Los Angeles to the cornfields of Kansas this era of handout for corporations and politicians will be brought to an end.
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