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(Task 1) process. does that clear enough? Please take a look at my writing and give some advice

The given diagram illustrates the way in which waste glass bottles are recycled for reusing purpose.

Graph 3 sentence 1:
"3". When referring to a number in a writing piece it should be written out. Example:

Graph 3 sentence 1:
" beginging" is a misspelled word. It should be "beginning"
Overall, looking at the illustration, it is immediately evident that wasted glass bottle recycling is a manmade linear process.

In addition, there are 3main stages in the process beginging with the collection of used glass bottles and culminating in the finished items to their destinations.

Graph 4 sentence 2:
"high pressure" should have a hypen. Example:

Graph 4 sentence 3:
"group" should be plural as you are referring to more than one group. Example:
It can be seen from the picture that firstly, used glass bottles are gathered at the collection point then being loaded onto the truck. Consequently, these bottlesare washed with high pressure water. Graph 4 sentence 4: "After those pieces are heated...with new liquid glass." The whole sentence reads awkwardly. I would restructure it

Graph 4 sentence 5:
"a bottles". The word "a" is a singular preposition but you place a plural noun after it.
The phrase should either read "a bottle" or "bottles"

Graph 4 sentence 5-6:
"of recycling process". Missing word. It should be "of the recycling process".
Afterwards, these processed bottles are Sorted out into three different group namely clear, green and brown before being moved to glass factory where they are broken into small pieces. After those pieces are heated at a higher temperature of 600 - 800o C in a furnace into recycled liquid glass which is mixed with new liquid glass.The mixture is shaped in a glass mould into a bottles. At the final stage of recycling process is finished bottles used for other products and ready for sales.
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